Four Sentences on Failure (#16) and Warp and Weft (#17)

Two presidents in a single post–seems natural, since one follows another. My essay on Abraham Lincoln, “Four Sentences on Failure (#16),” appears in this year’s issue of The Evansville Review–just five bucks for a real copy of a journal, plus you get a bunch of other really fine authors in the issue, too.

If you’re still very electronic, then check out my essay on Andrew Johnson, “Warp and Weft (#17),” which appears in the newest issue of the Razor, an excellent new magazine out of Gustavus Adolphus College in St. Peter, Minnesota (did you know there’s a St. Peter, too, in Minnesota?). The journal is done by undergraduates and it looks just aces.

The Razor also asked me to write a craft essay about the writing of the essay, so I took the chance to pull back the curtain on the process. Thinking about the public performance of writing has been a really interesting aspect of this project, so I was pleased to get the chance to write about it for them. Muji, Uniball, WPA Bakery–get at me for those endorsement deals!